Ashley Swan on
set with 1st
Assistant Director
Lennie Goodman
looking on.
Ashley confronts
director Grayson.
This photo was
taken three days
before he
murdered her.
This is one of the few set
stills which included
Danny Wilson.  Most of
the footage, which
comprises the film
Outtake Reel, was shot by
Wilson while documenting
Grayson’s project.
Wilson’s participation in
this project is invaluable
and the Swan family
wishes to express their
gratitude to the surviving
members of WIlson’s
family for their willingness
in allowing his footage to
be used.
Tom Grayson,
flanked by members
of his crew, checks
the framing of a shot
from his final film.
Sound Recordist Norton Kovacs and
Director of Photography Luke
Rhodes claimed that they were
unaware that Grayson was capable
of the crimes he commited.