Additional Features on Primewire

Aside from the primary function of primewire which is to provide an online video streaming platform, there are additional features on primewire that make it stand above the rest. These additional features are as below:

Primewire on Social Media

With the evolution of social media, primewireshow has not been left behind on using social media to its advantage. By having links to most of the social media sites, primewire provides updates and relevant information on its library of online streaming entertainment. This information includes what is available, newly added material, schedule dates just to name a few ensuring users are kept well informed of what is going on at all times through their social media handles.

Downloading Capabilities

Like most online video streaming sites, primewire also provides the advantage of downloading the movie or television show of your preference to either watch later on or see with other people onto a large screen or television display. Only that with primeware, downloading while streaming at the same time is made faster and easier.

Interactive Features

PrimeWire is one of the few online video streaming sites with a heavy presence of interaction between users, viewers and to primeWire itself. It allows users and viewers to review movies, make comments about it, suggest ratings as well as offer suggestions for movies, television shows that aren’t available to be added on later. This is one of the features that increase its popularity.


Primewire has the extra advantage of being available to users who are unable to access specific genres of movies, television shows and music in their countries of residents. This makes the global reach of primewire something to marvel about.

These additional features are what gives primewire the added advantage over its competition as it gives their users more options at their disposal.



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